Einladung zur Champions League von TM

Hey guys!
We got an invitement for the Champions Cup League! This is the Info text is:

Champions League Sheet
Hey @everyone. Today we got asked if we could make a page which shows the most important information. Therefore we created a google table sheet that gives you an short overview about the groups, qualifying matches, ko plan and rules (including points system and player amount).
You can find the sheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1j356ccRkjod5s1m8q_l_LBBG5JQ2Nn3Atnk2FSUXozg/edit?usp=sharing

You might wonder why there arent any dates or times yet. The reason: We are still waiting for collecting 16 teams. After that, @Danilo will create the groups and set the match dates in a live stream session. The date of this session will be announced here when we got all 16 teams.

For further questions feel free to ask one of our organization team ( @motion @Danilo @Niro @Nasa ).
Thank you for your interest!(bearbeitet)
@everyone Point system vote!
Vote here: http://www.strawpoll.me/14231037(bearbeitet)

Match schedule: Qualifying ( 1 match per week)
Monday / Tuesday: Setting a date(including time) for the match
Date should be between Thursday and Sunday! We will offer you a special chatroom here called #matchdate (in category “Matches”) which will be only visible for the 2 affected teams over the week. The standard date is Sunday 20:00 CEST. Within this chatroom you can discuss about the matchdate, to find the best fitting date for each team.

Tuesday: Mappack release
including the 3 maps that will be played in the match! The maps will be posted in the #matchdate channel (message will be pinned).

Wednesday-Sunday: Training and match.
Both teams can spent these days to train for their upcoming match. We will offer a private server for those teams who dont have any private server available.

Player amount changes
The player amount changed from 5/1 to 5/2. This means, that every team can choose 5 active and 2 reserve players from now on.(bearbeitet)

What means “qualifying”?
Qualifying means in this case “sorting out the best 8 teams out of the 16 we have at the start of the event”. So its equal to the known “Groupstage”. Before the Qualifying phase starts, the 16 teams are splitted into 4 groups.

When will my team have to play?
The Qualifying phase takes place within 3 weeks. Each team playes against every other team in their group .

The 16 teams got splitted into 4 groups. Fwo, Law, LeG and wasp are together in group 3. For group 3 the schedule would be:
Week 1: Team 1(Fwo) will play against team 2(Law), while team 3(LeG) will play against team 4(wasp)
Week 2: Team 1(Fwo) will play against team 3(LeG), while team 2(Law) will play against team 4(wasp)
Week 3: Team 1(Fwo) will play against team 4(wasp), while team 2(Law) will play against team 3(LeG)

The same procedure will take place in groups 1,2 and 4 at the same time.

How much matches will there be within a week?
The answer is: 8.
As seen in the example above there are always 2 matches in each group in the same week. We got 4 groups. To sum up we got 8 matches in each week.
Week 1 Example:
Group 1: Team 1 vs Team2 & Team 3 vs Team 4
Group 2: Team 1 vs Team2 & Team 3 vs Team 4
Group 3: Team 1 vs Team2 & Team 3 vs Team 4
Group 4: Team 1 vs Team2 & Team 3 vs Team 4

Who will come in the finals?
The best 2 teams of each group will join the finals. For further matches take a look at the sheets’ “Finals” category.(bearbeitet)

@everyone Deadlines and other dates
6th november: Deadline for registration. Make sure to register your team until this date!
8th november: Danilos live stream, where he will split the 16 teams into 4 groups
13th november – 3rd december: Qualifying Phase

We need 2 more drivers i hope you respond to this mail if you have time for this Cup!

Our current squad:
ΞפΘ Burner
ΞפΘ Hunter
ΞפΘ Röödy
ΞפΘ Depp
ΞפΘ DasLetzte

Best regards,
ΞפΘ Burner

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